Batu Collection

Batu Collection

About me

Atlanta based designer Adriana Moore is a northern born clothing and jewelry designer.

Ms. Moore with the help of her mom started sewing and designing at a very young age. As a teen, she attended Kaynor Technical Vocational school where she majored in Fashion Design. She then went on to work as a seamstress in a bridal salon and other high end boutiques. Frustrated with the lack of unique accessories Adriana started designing her own jewelry to compliment her clothing designs but like many creative entrepreneurs, she did not have the proper support for a dream that became deferred. In 2015, Moore joined The WildLife Reserve, a fashion and brand incubator, where she found the support and resources needed to launch a women’s clothing brand. And at the age of 50, her dream came true as she showcased her women’s brand “BATU Collection” at New Orleans Fashion Week 2016. Moore had the desire to reignite women’s wear and create statement clothing.  

Moore is living the dream of being a fashion entrepreneur. Last fall she traveled to Paris as one of the featured designers during Tiffanys Fashion Week Paris.  Moore’s designs have been showcased during such events as New Orleans Fashion Week, Small Boutique Fashion Week, New Orleans Essence Festival as well the International Rotary Convention. Her designs have even graced the covers of Moi and Bonheur magazine.

“My clothing is not created for every woman, instead it is for the special woman who has a love for drama, rich textiles and amazing prints.

BATU Collection is the seasoned traveler’s go-to label for jet set style. Her label embraces rich textures that will unleash your love of color. The collection is filled with signature cocoon coats and flattering go to styles that were designed as statement clothing for the creative, professional woman. Classic tailoring and striking contemporary design are infused into each creation with a limited bohemian aesthetic.



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