Melissa Mitchell

Melissa Mitchell

About me

Melissa A. Mitchell is self-taught artist, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.
Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she has a love for vibrant colors, unique shapes, and
bold dark lines that she attributes to her Bahamian heritage, melodic sounds and the
colorful world around her.

In 2014, she founded Abeille Creations and began her journey in the world of abstract
art. Since then, Melissa has gone on to create over 500 original art pieces, 40 larger
than life murals and been featured in Forbes, Vogue, ESSENCE, SHEEN Magazine,
Rolling Out Magazine and The Huffington Post, among others. Most notably, she is
known for turning her lively artwork into textiles, specifically head wraps named after
influential women in her life, seen on the likes of Lupita Nyong’o, Amara La Negra,
Yandy Smith, Karen Civil, Rebecca Gross and more. She is also the author of a coffee
table book, Views from My Kaleidoscope.
Her unique artistry has made her a highly sought-after artist with major brands for
exclusive collaborations and commissioned artwork. She’s been a featured artist for
Champs Sports and Nike's Ill-ustrated sneaker exhibition during Miami Art Basel, Jack
Daniel's Art, Beats and Lyrics showcase and ESSENCE's ‘My City, 4 Ways' tour stop in
Atlanta to name a few.

Melissa will continue to propel Abeille Creations forward with her one-of- a kind creative
direction and extensive portfolio. Her star continues to shine bright as she is the recent
winner of Spanx’s Illuminate-Her contest as their newest designer to release the next
iteration of the Spanx Illuminate-Her bra collection debuting globally in Spring 2019 and
front-runner in Ford Motor Company’s “Driving Her Dreams Forward” pitch contest
taking home a brand-new car.


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