Barbara Pinson

Lady Barbara Pinson creates Wearable Art from her original paintings

About me

Lady Barbara Pinson creates Wearable Art from her original paintings, allowing you to be wrapped in Beauty, Joy, and Light!

The Artist's background as an international model and celebrity makeup artist gives her the perfect balance of style and magic, creating original pieces for you to enjoy and collect.

Wrap yourself in Love.”

Lady Barbara Pinson Artist creates one of a kind designs from her original artwork: LBPArtist Wearable Art is seen on the runway, in art galleries in Buckhead, NYC, and soon Paris, symbolizing the spirit of Creation, Joy, and Beauty sparkling with Hope, making your world a bit brighter, while inspiring others to become their best selves, through the magical power of art.

Lady Barbara creates unique designs symbolizing the spirit of Creation while being fashion-forward in bold colours of vitality. Her work is instantly recognizable with her signature style as a luxury accessories brand.

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